Mountain Movers Elective Home Education ALN/SEN - Gweithgareddau ar gyfer plant a phobl ifanc

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As a registered charity, our aims are to advance education for children who are being educated otherwise than at school (EHE), in particular, but not exclusively, those children with disabilities. We aim to be inclusive of all needs & abilities. Our goal is to enable these children to participate as fully as possible in society with a positive sense of community and belonging through the facilitation of co-operative learning opportunities, enrichment arts, and inclusive sporting activities that are in a differentiated and inclusive format. With the end goal being to have equipped a child with a lifelong love of learning and mental wellbeing tools that will reduce the risk of mental health problems in later life. We hope to reduce the social isolation of both children & their families by providing a regular confidential setting to facilitate the development of social skills as well as providing support, advice & signposting to additional services.

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Addysgwyr cartref dewisol EHE

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Mae'n dibynnu - Depends on activities and service being offered. We operate on funding bids and keeping costs to families to the bare minimum at all times with support for those in financial hardship available when we can.

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Anyone can contact us directly

Manylion am wasanaeth gweithgareddau ar gyfer plant a phobl ifanc

Iaith: Saesneg yn unig

  • Rhowch fanylion am gefnogaeth i blant gydag anableddau / anghenion ychwanegol? Yes Cysylltwch i drafod anghenion eich plentyn(plant) ymhellach. We are an ASD Friendly Organisation run entirely by volunteers who are home educating their own children with learning difficulties/disabilities, ranging from non-verbal autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and rare genetic disorders as well. We support the family with the parent/carers still providing their children's support and meeting their needs.
  • Mae gan staff perthnasol DBS cyfredol dilys? Yes

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Advocacy Advice and Support available most days Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm. Different sessions operate at different times, days and at different venues depending.