Behavioural Therapy Clinic - Gwasanaethau cymorth i deuluoedd

Beth rydym ni'n ei wneud

We provide bespoke behaviour analytical services to help individuals, families, residential services, charities and businesses manage or change behaviours, thoughts and emotions that impact upon their quality of life and well-being.

ADVICE - Our analytical services help our clients to correctly identify the personal/external factors and behavioural functions that influence the behaviours, thoughts and emotions they may wish to modify or change.

SUPPORT - During the process we support our clients to better understand the personal and external factors which impact the quality of their lives and understand how making targeted changes can have a hugely positive impact upon their behaviours, thoughts and emotions.

CHANGE - In partnership with our clients we provide therapeutic activities and implement new behavioural protocols/plans to help them secure significant improvements in their daily activities, quality of life and well-being.

Pwy ydym ni'n eu cefnogi

As behaviour analytical principles are universal we successfully modify our services to support the specific needs of each client. We have successfully supported clients to make significant changes and improvements within a wide range of individual needs.

-Anxiety and Depression
-Sleeping Disorders
-Eating Disorders
-Anger and Aggression Management
-Fear of Public Speaking
-Parenting Challenges
-Childhood and Adolescent Anxieties and Behaviours
-Childhood Toileting Challenges

Oes tâl yn cael ei godi am ddefnyddio'r gwasanaeth hwn?

Oes - Services begin from £50 per session but complex packages can be calculated and quoted prior to commencement of services.

All unrhyw un ddefnyddio'r gwasanaeth hwn?

We can accept external or self referrals.

Manylion am wasanaeth gwasanaethau cymorth i deuluoedd

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