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In response to COVID-19 Spectacle Theatre are going online from 30 March 2020. Please contact us via email for any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since its inception in 1979 as the Theatre In Education Company for Mid Glamorgan, Spectacle has developed into an international award winning company that specialises in participatory theatre with disadvantaged communities. We have developed a theatre form that is designed to reach the most isolated individuals and communities; we see this engagement as a first step to making the positive changes in attitude and actions that benefit not just the individual but also their family, friends and community. This work is delivered locally, nationally and internationally.

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Spectacle Theatre Ltd is a professional theatre company, which has considerable skill, experience and knowledge in using innovative theatre and workshops with people of all ages: those who face multiple disadvantages and a combination of severe social harms such as isolation, substance misuse, mental illness, extreme poverty, violence, bullying and abuse. To this end we develop a range of participatory theatre projects (performance, workshop and mentoring) that are delivered in partnership with schools and colleges, young offender's institutes, residential homes, housing associations, voluntary organisations, hospitals, social enterprises and the public sector.

We operate throughout the year, primarily in the South Wales valleys area and across Wales and Europe when touring our theatre projects. We engage with approximately 5000 people annually in English and Welsh.

Oes tâl yn cael ei godi am ddefnyddio'r gwasanaeth hwn?

Oes - We often deliver free at the point of delivery if we have received funding to deliver a performance or workshop. Otherwise we charge based on £200 plus Vat for a half day or £350 plus Vat for a whole day.

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